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  • We did it!

    We are absolutely thrilled to announce that N-LAN:1 happened in April 2017 after almost 2 years of planning and putting together! We had an absolute blast, learned a ton on how we can make future events even better and had some amazing feedback from all of you who came, so thank you all for that! For those who couldn’t make it, you really did miss out; not to worry though, as we’ll be back!

    To see what N-LAN:1 was like you read the full article and see the photos here

    Information on N-LAN:2 is in the pipeline, but as with everything awesome we can’t release it till it’s ready…

    • While we wait for N-LAN 2….

      Why not check out some of the cool competitive console events hosted by our friends at E-Dojo! For more information you can get the latest right here, or simply click the poster to the right for a full size view.

      E-Dojo provide and host all sorts of game tournaments, including:

      • Injustice
      • Call of Duty
      • Tekken
      • Streetfighter
      • Project Cars
      • Fifa

      and more, so get yourself along and get involved!

      Our friends at Game Day Events are also holding a number of events over the year. Book your child on their Summer Holiday Computer Gaming Activity Days.

      12 Game Day Events over the summer. Perfect for bored kids aged 7-16. 100’s of exciting games on PC, PS1,PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii & WiiU. Be sure to check them out and let them know we sent you!

    Great, So what is a LAN Party?

    A LAN Party is a Bring-Your-Own-Computer (BYOC) event where you can come along, play games, meet new friends, enter tournaments and most of all have fun, for an entire weekend, 24 hours a day!

    Latest Northern-LAN News

    • N-LAN:1 – We did it!

        Finally, to our BYOC, Tournament Players and Spectators – thanks for supporting us in setting the bar for Northern-LAN and coming out; no players = no LAN, so thanks for that! Props to Newcastle Civic Centre for having us and allowing us to turn the place upside down. Check out our photo album of […]

    • E-Dojo Brings Fifa, CoD, Rocket League Cash Tournaments to N-LAN, and More!

      Our friends at E-Dojo.co.uk are bringing a dozen PS4/3’s along to N-LAN for all to play on and will be hosting a selection of cash prize tournaments over both days.  Not only that, but E-Dojo have kindly allowed everyone to play on the systems when not being used for tournaments, which is great for those […]

    • Pokemon @ N-LAN:1!

      We’re all about gaming here at Northern-LAN and we are happy to cater for all the poke-maniacs out there.  You can expect the presence of Pokemon all over our event ranging from permanently lured local Poke-stops,  trading and cards with Pokemon TCG, elimination tournaments using Pokemon-showdown and we even plan to have special event Pokemon […]

    • Cavtec Supporting N-LAN:1! Retro Rigs and Minecraft for all!

      We are proud to announce that Cavtec will be supporting N-LAN:1 and are bringing 15 of their retro systems along as well as 5 specially configured Minecraft systems for all to use, even those with spectator tickets! Cavtec are a leading IT Support Services company with offices in the North East and South East of England. […]

    Where can I find out more?

    Why not check out some of our event information, check out our FAQs, find out more about whats on or chime in with any ideas and suggestions you have, or to just have a chinwag on our Discord Server. Registering is quick and easy, you can login using Facebook or Steam, it’s completely secure.

    Be sure to keep up to date with the latest event news here on the website and on our Facebook Page as we will be releasing info on event sponsors,  tournaments, competitions and other event related as it happens.

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    The Northern-LAN Team