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  • Info

    Address: NGUK.DDNS.NET
    Port: 26900

    48 slots — UK Server — auto kicks pings higher than 300
    High Ping Kicker Whitelist now in place – Message an admin to be added to the whitelist if you are getting kicked by it.

    Style:  Fully customised RandomGen map with a selection of mods. See here (Blogpost)

    PVP – Kill everyone
    Drop everything on death, nothing on quit.
    Full server settings config can be viewed live Here

    To manually find the server look under “modded” and search for BigC90210

    • Important – The server uses the Dying Lands v1.1 mod, a client download available HERE before you join the server. Read this blog post for full info
    • Check the map for starting point info and no PVP Zone, Starting area region is reset often, do not set your base near there.
    • You no longer start with a claim block, your claim blocks are obtained by completing the “Claim to Fame” quest line. Extra claims can be bought by Voting


    /suicide – Kill yourself
    /spawn – Spawn to starting area / Lobby area
    /gimme – get something from gimme list
    /vote info – see info on voting



    1. No Hacking – VAC + GBL + CBSM + GeoBlocking Secured
    2. No placing claim blocks in another person’s base after breaking in.  This will be classed as hacker griefing and you will be banned.
    3. Do not grief/flame other players via chat or any other communication (Steam, Facebook etc)
    4. If you suspect someone of cheating/breaking rules, note the date/time, take screenshots and contact an admin as soon as possible via our Discord Server
    5. No base raiding on a 7 Day Horde Night

    Etiquette/Guidelines – To make the game as fun and fair as possible for everyone

    1. Breaking down walls/doors when base raiding – Do it yourself, no horde manipulation to get the Z’s to do it for you, Do not abuse structural Integrity to circumvent 
    2. Robbing/Looting player storage containers – Break open / steal from containers, but do not destroy them so everything falls to the ground/despawns. Leave enough so the player you’ve raided can recover and come back from the attack. Think – will stealing all this make the player want to stop playing? if yes, then leave some behind. Steal what you need/want, not everything.
    3. If you find an exploit, dupe bug, method/shortcut of circumventing normal game progress/mechanics, DO NOT USE IT. Tell us, and we will try to fix it.

    Griefing – Put yourself in their shoes, if in doubt, don’t.

    1. Repeatedly killing someone for no gain, other than scoreboard stats – including camping at their base. Yes, kill people as you find them, but if you’ve killed them a few times within a short period of time leave and let them recover.
    2. Don’t overly smash up a base once you’ve raided it.  Fair enough look for more loot, but don’t completely destroy the place.
    3. Use common sense, if you’re absolutely pummeling someone and they’re borderline rage quitting, leave them be and let them recover


    Voting Commands

    Vote for our server Here

    • To view your current number of Voting Points, type /vote
    • To find out how to vote, type /vote info
    • To view the top 10 voters of all time, type /voters
    • To view the available voting rewards, type /vote rewards (/rewards)
    • To claim a reward, type /vote buy {itemid} – the Item ID is indicated next to the item when viewing /vote rewards
    • When you claim a reward, it will appear at your feet. Press E to pick it up.
    • Extras – Get Free Stuff In Game By Voting! Why vote for us?Each time you vote for us you get a vote point, you can spend those points on Claim Blocks (requires 7 per Claim Block) in-game Type: /vote buy 3184
    Item Quality Quantity Cost Actions


    /Gimme gives something from the list below…

    Can be used once per 60 minutes

    Item Quantity (Min) Quantity (Max)
    1 1
    1 1
    1 1
    1 1
    1 1
    1 1
    1 100
    1 1
    1 1
    1 1
    1 10
    1 1
    Burnt Zombie 1 1
    Rabbit 1 1
    Zombie Dog 1 1
    1 1
    1 5
    1 1

    N-LAN 7D2D Resources


    Click the above picture for our Facebook Modding Group or Click Here for our Steam Group!

Live Server Map

Realtime Server Map – Click Here for full screen

Live Server Scores

Here is the scoreboard for our Slaanhatten 16.x Playthrough currently in play.  This page will become locked when we move onto our Alpha 16 server, and will remain here for all eternity…

If you have any amusing screenshots or videos from this playthrough send them to us via Discord and we’ll get them added here too!

Comments are kept open on these score to discuss the antics of this playthrough, share memories and the likes, so be nice 😉

There is still time for you to get on the scoreboard.  Scores are sent to the server every 10 minutes, so if you don’t see yourself here, it’s because you haven’t logged on since scores were implemented.

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