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LAN gaming events provide ideal opportunities for organisations to promote/affiliate themselves, to demonstrate their products and services to a captive audience of gaming enthusiasts.  LAN gaming events give companies the opportunity to sell their products directly to likely users, as well as beta testing products and running consumer surveys and test marketing. Our event attendees are usually high-end technology enthusiasts, providing an ideal opportunity for businesses within the technology and gaming sectors.

We can offer the following opportunities to your business:

  • Physical or Digital Display
  • Exhibition & Stall Space - Directly demonstrate your products and services to the event participants.
  • Welcome Packs / Promotional Packs
  • Customer Research / Surveys
  • Sponsorship - Your company can be part of our LAN events and have your brand included alongside LAN Merchandise to increase your company visibility which helps drive sales and interest.


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If you wish to discuss your requirements further, then contact us and we will come to an arrangement to best suit your organisation and needs.

N-LAN:1 is supported by our following partners:

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