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Published: January 22, 2017

N-LAN: 1 - Now Even Cheaper!

As always we are working extremely hard to make sure N-LAN:1 sets the tone for an awesome gaming LAN Party series that brings gamers from all over the North East and beyond together to have fun.

Just like you guys, we count the pennies too, and have been looking for ways of which we can reduce costs without compromising on the event, and to pass those savings onto you! We are very proud to announce the following:

  1. We have reduced the overall price for a ticket from 46.50 to £39.99, for a full weekend pass
  2. Our website now supports BACS Bank Transfer for booking/payment of tickets. Booking via BACS incurs NO service fee, saving around £3.50 versus the previous fee on a £46.50 ticket

This means previously a ticket costing £50 (46.50 with a 3.50 when paid via Eventbrite) ticket will now only cost £39.99 if you book direct with BACS, or £43.06 via Eventbrite, a saving of up to 20%!

We hope this enables us to make the event more accessible, so if you know someone who would love to game for an entire weekend, send them this way!

You can order your cheaper tickets here!

PS. Those who have already purchased tickets, check your email as you will have been refunded the £6.51 difference. For Founding 50 members, you will now get all future events for this cheaper price too, as well as your other perks!


The N-LAN Team

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