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Published: October 12, 2016

N-LAN:1 - The Founding 50


With so much going on behind the scenes for N-LAN: 1 we decided that we should say thanks to those who have already purchased tickets despite the event being months away.  We are as stoked as you guys are - and we simply couldn't have put this on without you guys, and to say thank you to the early supporters we have came up with the "N-LAN Founding 50".

If you are one of the Founding 50 (ie, amongst the first 50 Weekend BYOC tickets for the first event paying full face value) then you will be entitled to the following, as well as everything else having a ticket entails:

  • A N-LAN Founding 50 key ring
  • A N-LAN Founding 50 bracelet
  • Our eternal thanks and respect for supporting Northern-LAN from the very beginning. Most importantly though...
  • Fixed price N-LAN event tickets For Life

That's right, your tickets to all future event BYOC tickets will cost the same as the first. As we get bigger and better, offer more features (even the possibility down the line of extending N-LAN to a 3 day LAN party!), you pay not a penny more than you did the first time supported us. I'm sure you will agree now that's a good way of saying thank you to you guys.

We've still got some founder tickets available, but since releasing these seriously good perks we can't imagine them being around long.

Even at this time there is so much work going on behind the scenes, we have sponsors lined up to be revealed soon and much much more.  In the meantime, be sure to keep up to date with the latest on our Facebook Page, join our community to meet other N-LAN Players and here on the forums. Don't forget to check out what's on, and get your voice heard and help shape the event by filling out our 2 minute survey on what you want to see/play at the event.

Please note: Founding 50 members are those paying the full face value tickets for N-LAN:1, using voucher codes or other discounts will mean you mean you are ineligable for the Founding 50 promotion


The Northern-LAN Team

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