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Published: April 14, 2017

Pokemon @ N-LAN:1!

We're all about gaming here at Northern-LAN and we are happy to cater for all the poke-maniacs out there.  You can expect the presence of Pokemon all over our event ranging from permanently lured local Poke-stops,  trading and cards with Pokemon TCG, elimination tournaments using Pokemon-showdown and we even plan to have special event Pokemon to give away to anyone with a wristband who wants to bring along their 3DS.

Pokemon GO

Newcastle civic center and it's surrounding area is one of those lucky places that were gifted multiple Poke-stops when the game launched and we know for certain anyone attending the event with their smart phone will appreciate the benefits from multiple lures running, some of which are actually in range of the venue itself!.  We may even have some TCG booster packs to hand out at selected times to those who manage to drop a Pokemon with the name set as NLAN in the nearby gym.

Pokemon TCG

We'd like to encourage all of our attendees to fetch along their best decks and spares for trading.  The event is not just about gaming but also meeting new people and making new friends, and what better way than sitting down for a round of cards or swapping some of those doubles to fill in the gaps of your collection.  We'll have some designated space players can kick back and show everyone who's the best trainer around and have even included some TCG box sets as prizes for some of our competitions/tournaments.  So whether your a BYOC ticket holder or just a spectator coming for a look around be sure to look out for people playing Pokemon TCG and feel free to join in!.

Pokemon Tournaments via Pokemon Showdown.

Whether your a fresh account or a seasoned veteran,  Pokemon Showdown provides a fair and stable platform for players of all skill levels to build their favorite Pokemon team and test their mettle in battle.  It provides a very simple system of selecting Pokemon, move sets, held items and even IV's so every trainer can bring what they feel would be their dream team without all the grinding and breeding Dittos, months of farming and playing.  It's a very simple web-based emulator that can even be run from our smart phones, be sure to check it out and get some practice in ready!.

We'll host competitions across both days that will be included in our BYOC package as well as being open to the spectators should they wish to purchase a tournament wristband (to keep things simple we'll run a Non-Legendary/anything goes rule set) and have Pokemon themed prizes for the lucky winners.


What would Pokemon be without Nintendo's' handheld console!.  To pay homage to the origins of our favorite pocket monsters  we're teaming up with the guys at The Great Groundon to provide everyone who turns up to our event on Saturday and Sunday between 12-3pm with their 3DS, a special event Shiny Pikachu, rumor has it that this guy even knows how to surf too!?.  Be sure to look out for Groundon (our resident poke-expert, not the legendary Pokemon) and his team to bag yourself the Shiny Pikachu.


See you all there!



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